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Island Jim San Andres - 5 Pack

Island Jim San Andres #Two Cigar - 5 Pack 

Island Jim San Andrés #Two is the maduro follow-up to his 2016 debut.

Cigars bearing the “No. 2” moniker are some of the most highly regarded and respected throughout the industry, with the Cuban-made Montecristo being the undisputed world favorite. The size is typically reserved for shapely figurados and pyramid cigars, but the Island Jim San Andrés # Two cleverly parodies the style by rolling the cigar to resemble a literal No. 2 pencil… Yes, everything from the eraser (shaggy foot), to the sharpened lead (two-tone figurado cap) can be easily visualized.

This all plays into the care-free ambiance of the Island Jim brand, named for its creator, “Island” Jim Robinson. Jim takes the vibe of your quintessential Key West vacation and brings it back to everyday life, allowing smokers to relax on a whole different level when experiencing one of his many cigars.

Island Jim San Andrés # Two uses essentially the same Honduran filler/binder recipe as the original, replacing the wrapper with a dark Mexican San Andrés maduro leaf. Smokers can expect a medium to medium-plus body, made all the more exciting by the extravagant touches, such as the extended (shaggy) foot and layered wrapper varieties on the cigar’s head! Flavors range from cocoa and earth, to black pepper, charred oak, mountain pine, and sweet cream on the finish.

Box date:  2019
Rarity:  7/10

Size: 6.5 x 52 ; Strength: Medium-Full ; Shape: Torpedo ; Origin: Honduras
Wrapper:  San Andres, Mexico

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