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Drew Estate Undercrown Belicoso - 5 Pack

Undercrown by Drew Estate Belicoso - 5 Pack 

Normally known for their infused cigars, Drew Estate’s made a huge splash with their traditional Liga Privada #9. A favorite amongst the factory’s rollers, Drew Estate had to tell the rollers to stop smoking the blend because of the high demand of the cigar. So the working man had to adapt…

And adapt they did. Created by the rollers of the Drew Estate factory, Undercrown uses tobaccos similar to the Liga Privada #9 but that are more readily available. While the Liga Privada #9 is full flavored treat, the Undercrown is a little lighter on the palate. Wrapped in a dark San Andres maduro wrapper, the Undercrown starts with notes of coffee with a slight hint of spice that becomes more prominent as the smoke progresses. Even as it progresses, the cigar still manages to round out as a medium to full-bodied treat.

Drew Estate Undercrown received a well-deserved 90-rating noting: "Dark and imposing with a full, substantial draw and even burn. Initial nuttiness and woody notes take on a spicy licorice character and a touch of sweet vanilla on the finish."

Box date:  2012
Rarity:  6/10

Size:  6 x 52  ;  Strength:  Medium-Full  ;  Shape:  Gran Toro  ;  Origin:  Nicaragua 

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