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Valentia Lucido Desflorado - 5 Pack

Valentia Lucido Desflorado - 5 Pack

The Premium boutique cigar company Valentia has unveiled their "Third" new cigar, the Lucido Desflorado. Lucido Cigars are hand-rolled in Dominican Republic by master craftsmen. These experts ensure that the deliciously complex taste and aroma — achieved by having a larger ratio of filler-to-wrapper tobacco — are matched by a perfect draw that is neither too easy nor too hard. 
Full bodied, with rich flavor and aroma, and smooth draw.

Wrapper: Ecuador Desflorado
Filler: Santo Domingo Seco, Ligero Habano, Viso Nicaragua
Binder: Indonesia Besuki, Nicaraguan

Size: 6 x 56 ; Strength: Medium ;  Shape: Double Robusto ;  Origin: Dominican Republic

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