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Aging Room M356ii Mezzo - 5 Pack *FEATURED PRODUCT*

 Aging Room M356ii Mezzo - 5 Pack


Aging Room M356ii, made by Boutique Blends Cigar Co. with master blender Rafael Nodal are rare cigars made with a limited wrapper leaf that has been set aside and aged until there was enough to create this wonderful stogie. The “M356ii” stands for the day it was created, Monday the 356th day of the year. The M356ii is a complex cigar with nicely rounded flavors of roasted nuts, fruit, cinnamon, nutmeg and pepper and a solid smoke that’s sure to please those looking for a medium-bodied cigar. These smokes will not be around forever so get yours before they are

Box date:  2017
Rarity:  7/10

Size:  6 x 54  ;  Strength:  Medium  ;  Shape:  Toro  ;  Origin:  Dominican Republic

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25 Premium, Hand-Crafted Spanish Cedar Spills (aka cedar strips)

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