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Lost & Found "Swedish Delight 2020" - 10 Pack

Lost & Found "Swedish Delight 2020" - Pack of 10 Cigars 

Lost & Found Swedish Delight 2020 Robusto cigar is made in Nicaragua. Outside, you'll find a Crillo 98 wrapper. Inside, the binder is Sumatra, and the filler is Criollo 98, Corojo and Olor Dominicano.  These are aged old cigars that were rebranded & re-released in limited batches, with approximately only 250 boxes available for U.S. consumption.


Lost & Found is a project between Robert Caldwell, Tony Bellatto, and Jaclyn Sears. The project is a continuing series of extremely limited production blends of some of the most rare, exotic and hard to acquire tobacco varietals that the boutique cigar industry has yet seen”. The concept involves searching for some of these unique blends that have been locked up in aging rooms for sometime and then make them available to the market. The company says the concept came as a result of Caldwell’s travels and his desire to explore some of these unusual blends that have been made available.

“These cigars are a limited production of very well aged cigars that Caldwell found while traveling through the Dominican Republic. I found them fascinating and we decided to share them with you. There is a very small quantity of them so enjoy them while they’re around.”

-- Tony Bellatto

“Impromptu is a concept that came out of a few of my favorite things – traveling, smoking cigars, discovering and sharing.Over the last several months I have been traveling all over the world, spending a lot of time in the Caribbean and Central America in many tobacco fields and factories. Along the way I stumbled upon certain cigars that really left an impression on me. My friends suggest we share them with our friends and customers.These are very special cigars made with rare tobaccos hat have been aged to a point seldom enjoyed by most of us. I cannot take credit with making these beauties, nor for bringing them to you – just for discovering them.”

-- Robert Caldwell

Box Date: 2018 vintage cigars (2,500 cigars found)
Rarity:  9/10

Size: 5 x 50 ; Strength: Mild-Medium  ;  Shape: Robusto  ;  Origin: Nicaragua

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