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Caldwell The Last Tsar X Toro - 5 Pack

Caldwell The Last Tsar X Toro - 5 Pack

The 2nd Installment of Caldwell's yet unreleased, highly speculative Anniversary cigar is named "The Last Tsar", and the project in general is called, ironically, "Nothing You Ever Heard Of." With such hush-hush about the cigar itself, the only things we know are it features a new Connecticut Arapiraca hybrid wrapper, and it is set to be a high-end full bodied cigar. As Caldwell himself said, "They are going to be the fullest bodied cigar in the Caldwell Collection, yet palatable for most smokers." Considering Caldwell winning New Company of 2014 from Halfwheel, and their already stunning portfolio, something tells me this cigar is going to be something extraordinary.

The Last Tsar is limited to the “First 49″, a group of 49 retailers that helped to launch the Caldwell brand.  Caldwell is planning to make The Last Tsar a twice a year limited release to the First 49, with each release being a different format and possibly different blends.  This inaugural release of The Last Tsar celebrates Caldwell’s first anniversary, and what a year it has been for Caldwell, receiving raves from critics and customers alike.  This release is limited to 500 ten-count boxes with a picture of Tsar Nicholas II and “The Last Tsar” in Russian (последний царь).  Nicholas II, along with his family, was murdered in 1918, ending the Romanoff dynasty that ruled the Russian Empire for centuries.

Like all Caldwell cigars, The Last Tsar is being produced at Tabacalera William Ventura in Tamboril, Dominican Republic. William Ventura has an impresive resume, being the Master Blender for Davidoff before building his own factory.

The Last Tsar is a 6″x50 Toro that Robert Caldwell has described as: “full in body, creamy smooth, rich as hell – and salty.”  It uses the same wrapper leaf as the Eastern Standard line, which Caldwell describes as Arapiraca/Connecticut Shade Hybrid Maduro. The wrapper leaf was fermented longer and processed a little differently than the Eastern Standard making it difficult to work with.  As Robert Caldwell said: “it was a pain in the ass to make, we lost a ton of tobacco when making it because it was more of an experiment than anything to use that wrapper in that way.”

Caldwell has used unique and hard to source limited batch leaves in the Caldwell Collection, its line of premium cigars.  The blend of The Last Tsar is undisclosed but we know it includes another rare tobacco called Carbonell which Caldwell has described as a “really cool tobacco that has incensy aroma to it.”  He further said that the blend is completely unique to anything he has smoked before, describing them as full-bodied, yet very refined. “They are going to be the fullest bodied cigar in the Caldwell Collection, yet palatable for most smokers.”

Box Date: 2017
Rarity Level:  8/10

Size:  6 x 50 ; Strength: Medium-Full ; Shape: Toro ; Origin: Dominican Rep

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