Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills

Island Jim #Two - 5 Pack *FEATURED PRODUCT*

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Island Jim #Two Cigar - 5 Pack 

FEATURED PRODUCT!  Come's with a Discount and FREE pack of 25 CR cedar spills!

Like the Leaf by Oscar, the Island Jim #Two is made in the Oscar Valladares factory. The Blend is not known and that is done on purpose as Jim wanted you to enjoy this without thinking about whats in it. It has a shaggy unfinished foot.

The wrapper is a dark roasted coffee bean brown with a touch of light tobacco on the head and the foot.The wrapper is silky smooth with tight seams and no heavy veins.  With a Connecticut leaf under the wrapper.

It delivers a full volume of smoke that has notes of chocolate and cedar. The burn is near perfect and it has a tight white ash. The smoke is very rich and creamy.  Nice Cigar!

Box date:  2014
Rarity:  6.5/10

Size:  6.5 x 52  ;  Strength:  Medium-Full  ;  Shape:  Torpedo  ;  Origin:  Honduras 

Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills (25 Pack)
25 Premium, Hand-Crafted Spanish Cedar Spills (aka cedar strips).

Enjoy this nice treat!

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