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Partagas Limited Reserve Decadas 1997 - Single

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Partagas Limited Reserve Decadas 1997 No. 3 - Single

Alert:  Uber Rare!
Many Cigars are advertised as limited editions but few can claim the limited nature that the Partagas Limited Reserve possesses. Out of every 100 Dominican long filler leaves only one single leaf is selected as good enough to be used in the Partagas Limited Reserve blend. And while that is impressive, the selection process for wrapper is mind-boggling. Out of 1,000 wrapper leaves only three prove worthy enough to be rolled into a Partagas Limited Reserve. This makes the Limited Reserve an extraordinary cigar. Limited Reserve is rich and carries full flavors of coffee and cedar and is so smooth that the spice that is present is mellow and pleasant. If there is one cigar that exemplifies what limited really means it is the Partagas Limited Reserve.
The Partagas Limited Reserve Decadas cigars are one of the most rare cigars in the world and also one of the most sought after cigar in the market today. The filler on this Partagas is a blend of Dominican and Nicraguan tobacco, the binder is a Honduran San Agustin, and Cameroon wrapper.
Box date:  1997
Rarity:  9/10
Size:  6 3/4 x 43  ;  Strength:  Medium  ;  Shape:  Lonesdale  ;  Origin:  Dominican Republic 

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