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SUMMARY: A great sword-shaped cedar spill, slightly smaller than Commonwealth cedar spills but long enough to light cigars.

I have used Cigar Reserve cedar spills for some time now and like them very much in the right environment. I perform all of my cigar evaluations outside and it is usually too windy to use a spill unless I go in an enclosure I have in the back of my house and use it there, which I have done occasionally. Every time I have used this spill, I have had enough time to completely light the foot of my cigar, and the ring gauge has varied greatly.

I would prefer to use spills over butane if I performed my evaluations inside and if you don’t mind the extra step of lighting the spill (which only takes a second) and the extra time it may take and the care to light a cigar by this method (depending on the alternative), this is an excellent accessory for you.

If you would like more information on Cigar Reserve cedar spills or want to order some from the company, check out their website at

I give this accessory an “A.” I do not factor in cost in any of my evaluations but using cedar spills does come with a cost. It is great to see a few people producing cedar spills now. You can easily take these with you and using them with help assure you that there won’t be any residual flavors from the use of butane or other method you may use.

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Cigar Evaluations is a company that was started by Todd Tyszka in 2011. Before that, Todd was working in the wine industry for a New York wine importer tasting and evaluating wine. Todd also enjoyed occasionally smoking cigars for over 20 years, but found it surprising that there wasn’t a professional website he could go to to read about cigars with detailed professional tasting notes and reliable objective ratings. Cigar Aficionado seemed like the only option but lacked the detail and dependability Todd was looking for. The review blogs seemed to be mostly amateur cigar smokers that enjoyed a cigar with liquor, beer, soda, etc, and then tried to review and rate the cigar. Todd also had a problem with the fact that people would rate a cigar but wouldn’t tell you what exactly was behind that number, so the rating was meaningless. These subjective ratings are often based on personal preferences (e.g. flavors, strength, vitola, price, etc.) rather than objective performance criteria. They are just cigar smokers rather than professionals (e.g. Robert Parker in the wine industry) who can provide a baseline for consistent objective evaluations and ratings.

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Written by Cigar Reserve — January 22, 2015

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