Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills & Cigars

The Cigar Reserve Story...

Back in 2002, Cigar Reserve was created to sell only cigars and accessories. Our top priority was quality and service, which helped us gain a strong following of cigar patrons across the country. Through our years in the business, we noticed a big problem and that was seeing cigars tainted with chemicals such as butane from torch-lighters and sulfur from matches. Because of our strong passion for premium tobacco products and belief cedar spills should and will be the common way to light up, we are now dedicating all efforts to offering only Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills while educating the industry.

Using cedar spills (a.k.a. cedar strips, cedar sticks or cigar spills) is an old tradition and preferred method by connoisseurs across the world. We believe our cedar spills will create a change in how people enjoy their tobacco. Every effort has gone into the making sure Cigar Reserve cedar spills are the best quality Spanish cedar to get the maximum flavor enhancing qualities while also keeping out harmful chemicals such as butane and sulfur.

We believe in the tradition and eloquence of using cedar spills as part of your tobacco smoking experience. Sitting down and lighting your cigar should be an experience in itself. We created a classy, sophisticated Spanish sword design that will not only look good, but is engineered for a controllable flame that allows you to toast your cigar with precision and create an even burn.

When tobacco is lit with butane lighters or matches, it will hinder the taste by leaving an unnatural bitterness or tangy taste. This is why most want to spit after immediately lighting up. Additionally, the cigar is now ruined. It has just been infused with natural gas or sulfur. Scorching tobacco by using torch lighters will disrupt the true flavors of the tobacco by burning or charring it, leaving a hot and sour taste to your tobacco.

Our goal is to educate the planet on the benefits of using a cedar spill and to positively change your whole smoking experience.

Toast, Puff and Savor with Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills.