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Cigar Lighter Reviews by: "Just A Dude"

Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills Review  CIGAR RESERVE CEDAR SPILL REVIEW

Time to mix it up a little bit around these parts on CLR. Yeah, I love my lighters, though, also appreciate the more reserved old school approach to firing up a favorite cigar. I always say, don't waste a good cigar using a crappy lighter. The same goes for using something else other than a lighter. Personally, I despise matches, the taste and smell of matches is a turn off for me. Cigar Reserve was gracious enough to provide me with some of their pride and joy cigar cedar spills. Sometimes generically referred to as cedar strips. For the record this is the only item I have accepted from a manufacturer for any review to date. I pride CLR on being biased free and will always note if it has been provided for free as is the case with this review.

Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills

  Fortunately, the Cigar Reserve cedar spills received have been a welcomed change from my day to day favorite lighter(s). Cigar Reserve uses only top grade Spanish cedar from Portugal and follows the process from beginning to end, guaranteeing a high quality product in a box sold. The spills are in the shape of a Spanish saber, great design visually and for lighting. When they arrived and I unboxed them my nose was immediately met with the lovely sent of cedar. How can you not love the smell of cedar?! This was prior to me even opening the box the spills are packaged in. Worth noting, the packaging is very well thought out, with slide out tray. These spills can be ordered with or without laser etched for a special occasion or event.

  I have used spills in the past, but upon initial light I could tell this something different all together. Simply light the tip of the spill and hold at the recommended 45 degree angle to begin the process. It did burn a bit quicker than I expected. The spill burned slow enough for me to use twice, whether a touch up or new cigar all together. To extinguish simply hold upright or a gentle blow to put out. I purposely pulled in smoke given off by the Spanish cedar and was able to pick up the flavor. Must say, I enjoyed the subtle hint of cedar I have never really picked up on when using cedar laying around at my local B&M. Cigar Reserve does it right, no doubt.

Cigar Reserve Cedar Etched

  Overall, I really enjoyed the Cigar Reserve product and will be a future customer. Don't get me wrong lighters are still my go to, but these spills are a great change of pace. Lastly, I recommend using indoors or with no outside breeze due to ash and not being wind resistant. If nothing else visit Cigar Reserve's website and have a look around. They are very responsive and professional.

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Kaplowitz Cigar Blog by: Noah "Kap" Kaplowitz

Please be 21+ to Peruse. Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills - Product Review

I oft equate the full enjoyment of a cigar with none too shallow of a meditation. Many practitioners of meditation begin first with a statement of intent.
Too, I recognize and do revel in, the ritualistic aspect of the act of smoking. Be that ritual cradling yourself in your favorite smoking chair, music, accoutre mon, or surroundings.
It is all part of a transcendence from the mundane.

These Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills offer those two factors of intent and ritual, plus one more -- a certain boost to your stogie. I am told they are crafted from the finest quality Spanish Cedar, and who am I to argue? I failed woodshop. Mainly because I've never been able to suspend my own disbelief to the extent of taking machinery advices from an eight-fingered man.

Cigar Reserve, on the other five fingered hand, does indeed have the reputation of knowing their stuff.

I sit and declare my intent in the form of removing a personalized spill from its nifty packaging. A man can be made to feel like a VIP, even if fresh off a trip to the market in which his credit card was declined. I then engage in the age old ritual of fire. I light the spill on an early Saturday evening. I'll light the Sabbath candles soon. Ritual. Unnecessary steps because man cannot live by bread alone. I suppose this then becomes quite necessary, no?

In an homage to older than the current Old School craze, spills were once used before the invention of lighters and such -- to bring a smaller, more personal flame from a larger communal fire.

The smell of the burning cedar is quite lovely. For a moment I question it as akin to lighting from a scented candle. I quickly realize that cedar and cigars go back in time together even further and in more illustriously symbiotic ways than do bell bottoms and chicken grease.

The spill does truly add to the first good handful of pulls. It elevates my Casa de Garcia Red to a good fiver. Elevates? No... Enhances.

My lone remaining skepticism was already done away with by then, as I easily and nimbly toasted the foot of my House of Gary offering. It was not in the least, an unwieldy affair. The design here is, indeed, well planned and well executed by the Cigar Reserve folks. It actually, even on my slightly breezy porch -- felt more effective and more natural than my vulgar plastic Djeep.

I even enjoyed my custom engraved name burning down on the side of the spill. Let loose your ego, I told myself. Watch it burn away, and find nothing left but Truth, metaphysical reality. We are all one. The ego simply disguises this verisimilitude.

"Verisimilitude?" I respond to me. You're so clever, I say to myself. Sexy, too. I now say to you, dear reader: try yourself a pack of Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills.  Tell 'em Kap's ego sent ya!

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Rooftop Cigar Reviews by: Cam MacNeil


Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills are made from top grade spanish cedar and are the best way to light your cigars. The shape of the spill is a spanish sword. This shape has been perfectly engineered for the perfect flame to light your cigar with.


How to use: To light your cigar with a Cigar Reserve Cedar Spill, hold the hilt of the sword and make sure the curved blade points to the ground. Then simply light the end of the spill and hold at a 45 degree angle downwards. This allows the flame to gently follow the blade of the spill and produce a beautiful flame. Once your cigar has been fully lit, blow out the flame and keep around for any relights or touch-ups.


Background of Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills: The grade A spanish cedar is bought from Portugal and shipped up to North Carolina. They then have a place cut the logs into incredibly thin veneer. Once the logs have been cut, they are shipped to Portland, Oregon where Cigar Reserve is located. They then cut out the spills and do their custom engraving.


I have really enjoyed using Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills over the past 3 months. When I received them from Brian, I couldn’t believe how amazing the spills smelled. I even sent Brian an email talking about how aromatic these spills are. I even catch myself sniffing them from time to time.

You really can taste the cedar flavor in the cigar once you light it. The aroma of the burning cedar is also heavenly. I was in a lounge using one, and a bunch of guys came up asking about the smell. Gave them a few spills to try out for themselves and they were really impressed with how great it was to light the cigar that way.


Pricing and where to buy: Anyone can order these cedar spills online on or even in over 50 stores nationwide. A box of 25 spills retails for $12.95 and a box of 50 spills retails for $19.95. Brian has a bunch of deals up all the time and you can even order some very rare cigars.       


CR Cedar Spill    CR Cedar Spill Hilt    CR Cedar Spill Tip                  

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Cigar Inspector Review by: Nikki Glenn

Today we've got another article from Nikki Glenn, a cigar aficionada from St. Louis and a violinist entertainer for private, corporate and special events worldwide. She loves learning about and smoking cigars as much as possible.

One of the aspects I love best about cigar smoking is that it is an activity that can be supremely sophisticated, or extremely down to earth. Cigars go just as well with blue jeans as they do evening wear, and enhance the look of both. In my mind, the cigar spill is a throwback to another time, when everyone dressed for dinner; using one to light a cigar is, by its very nature, an exercise in elegance and enjoyment.

Cigar Reserve, located in Lake Oswego, Oregon, creates a very unique-looking cedar spill for aficionados. The spills are made from grade A Spanish cedar logs from Portugal, then shipped to North Carolina for cutting to the specified thickness, then cut into the striking saber shape. The spills can also be laser-engraved for customization. According to Cigar Reserve, using their spills is of great benefit to the smoking experience: a soft, clean, butane-free flame, and an increased enhancement of the cigar's flavor.

When I was offered the opportunity to try the cedar spills offered by Cigar Reserve, I had a great deal of misgivings. I'd never actually used one to light a cigar, so I had visions of setting either my hair, my clothes, or my house on fire. (Please understand that I'm so paranoid about fire that when I first got an outdoor fire pit, I only burned teeny, tiny pieces of wood in it because I was afraid of a spark setting the house on fire). So, I decided it would be best to attempt this in the company of others (with a fire extinguisher at the ready in case things went terribly wrong). I also really wanted the opinions of other smokers, to get other perspectives than my own, so I took some to my usual hangout and shared them with a few of the veteran smokers.


It was unanimous that the design is eye-catching, and it was quite a conversation starter when I arrived with them. The most appealing aspects of the spills were the saber shape, and the smell of the cedar; it smelled great in the box, and also as it burned. Directions are very simple: to light, hold the spill with the curved tip down at a 45 degree angle, light the tip, then use it to light your cigar. Hold it upright like a candle to extinguish or place in an ashtray to burn out. In practice, it was somewhat different. I found that the most effective way to light it was not with the usual torch lighter, which burned the tip right up, but rather with a match – you don't need a blowtorch to light these.

I liked that the flame was soft and even, and it allowed me to really toast the foot gently. I sometimes get my cigars a little more extra crispy than strictly necessary, I had a lot more control over the flame with the spill. One caveat is that you may want to be very gentle in your ignition puffs, and also if you're planning to blow out the spill – I made it snow ash flakes more than once by blowing too hard. It's very carefully engineered to create a consistent burn as it progresses, but you can make a flaky mess if you're not careful. One thing to note: you may have had the experience of lighting a cigar and feeling the urge to spit after the first puff. Perhaps you were a philistine like me and used an inferior source of ignition? Maybe a Bic? I can't be the only one. At any rate, the spill makes a very, very clean flame and I definitely tasted the difference from using a torch or other methods.

The spill produced an enjoyable smoke. I didn't get much of the cedar-enhanced flavor when I was smoking a fairly strong cigar. However, I did get a small amount when I switched to a lighter-bodied cigar. What I really enjoyed was that it appeared to extend the smoking time for me – it seemed that my cigars burned slower and more evenly. I'm guessing this is due to my ability to control the flame when lighting so I didn't char it quite so much. Even though the smoke seemed to be cooler than I get with a torch, it never had to be retouched.

However, there were some potential drawbacks mentioned by some smokers in using the spills. There were concerns about letting the spill burn out in an ashtray – if one was part of a large group of people, it might not be prudent for everyone to use them at the same time, because they do produce a substantial flame as they burn out; I strongly suggest having a large, deep ashtray as a safe place to let the spills burn out. Additionally, I think they'd be very challenging to use in an outdoor situation if it were windy – this is where the torch definitely has the advantage. There was also the reminder to take extra care when using the spills around liquor – I know this kind of goes without saying, but I'm saying it – just be safe.

My conclusion is that this is a very stylish and elegant solution for lighting your cigars. The clean flame and even burn are a great benefit, plus I have to admit there's a cool, classy, old-school feel to using them. I felt SO cool using them! You may want to save this for special occasions or when you want to impress, but you could certainly use them all the time. The majority of the smokers who I shared the spills with saw them as more of a unique or novelty item, but I think that there is a large group of passionate smokers who this would appeal to. I really love the contrast between the high-tech jet engine lighters we have now, and the appeal of the gentle, open flame. I encourage you to give them a try!

Cigar Reserve cedar spills are available online at and in 50 stores nationwide. The 25-spill box retails for $12.95, and the 50-spill box retails for $19.95. Cigar Reserve is giving away two engraved boxes to readers, please comment on this post to enter (just let us know what you think about this concept) – the winner will be announced in one week. Happy smoking!

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The Sultans Of Smoke Review


Rating – (10) Escape Plan

This one is a new one for us, Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills sent these over for us to review and let me just say they are awesome! These are perfect for lighting your cigars with. I will be honest I was a little skeptical at first because I have been using a lighter for about 12 years and just didn’t think that lighting a cigar could get any better.

So how it all works, you light a spill and then use the spill to light your cigar, when you are good to go just hold your spill up and it goes out, you can use it to relight you cigar if needed as well.

What I really noticed when using the spills versus a lighter is that the first draw has a better cleaner taste to it. It honestly makes the draw of your cigar that much better, it also was a cooler light with the spill which made for better flavor all around.


These guys can put a logo on the spills for you or whatever you want as well. I do recommend getting them to use.

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Tony's Cigar Corner Review by: Tony Rubio



When I first heard about Cigar Reserve spills, I have to say that I was overly excited. I have used spills for quite some time but I always had to get mine by going to the cigar lounge and asking for the Spanish cedar sheets out of their used boxes. I didn’t know where else I could get them, so I would take what I could get. It was not glamorous by any means, but I really love how the Spanish cedar spills light a cigar, so I sucked it up.  The sheets that I would get from the empty boxes of cigars were always too thin or too short. Having the opportunity to try  Spanish cedar spills from a company that specializes in them really caught my attention.  I am excited to see what the Cigar Reserve Spills are all about!

What is a spill?

A spill is thin piece of wood that was used  to light fires, candles, lanterns, or fireplaces. Before we had all the technology we have today such as matches and lighters, spills were the preferred method of bringing a flame to anything that need to be lit on fire, including your cigars.

So what is Cigar Reserve?

Cigar Reserve was created in 2002 with a goal of only selling cigars and accessories.  With their top priority being quality and service, which helped them establish a strong and supportive community of cigar patrons across the country.  Now in their many years of business there was one big problem they noticed that just did not settle well with Cigar Reserve. That was the issue of their patrons tainting their cigars with butane from torch lighters and sulfur from matches. Because of their strong passion for premium tobacco products and their desire to bring the ultimate experience to their patrons, Cigar Reserve Spills were born.  Their belief that cedar spills should and will be the common way to light up have them dedicating all  of their efforts to offering only Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills while trying to further educate the industry on the benefits of using Cigar Reserve Spanish Cedar Spills. With all that being said, I’m more than ready to get into it!


First off, THE AROMA… OH MY, MY THE AROMA. They smell amazing. As soon as I got them out of the bubble wrap packaging it was like a little slice of heaven opened up for me. A large blast of beautiful Spanish cedar wood  was there to greet me ever so sweetly.  The Spills came in a very sturdy, sliding card board box. Sliding the Spill Carriage out of the box, I was met with  yet another blast of that beautiful woodland aroma.

Taking the first spill out, I noticed they are very well constructed and measured just under 9 inches in length. I like the way it felt it my hand, not too delicate like the others I have used in the past. They are very sturdy. These spills are cut to resemble a Spanish sword which, according to the company, was “engineered for a controlled and perfect soft flame.” As I examined the spill, I noticed there was a small hook at the end which really did not make any sense to me as it would be pretty difficult to hurt someone with a blade point like that. It was not until lighting that it clicked. The hook was to help with the lighting process by bringing the flame onto the blade of the sword slowly and evenly. You can tell a lot of thought went into these spills.


Lighting the spill was very easy. The spill took very well to the flame. One thing I wanted to test was burn rate. The average burn rate is right around 1.08 minutes. This should be more than enough time to get a nice toast and light.  I also like that it was very easy to control the rate of burn by just changing the angle at which you hold the spill. It takes a little bit of getting used to, but worth it once you get it down. I know this should be common sense but….. Spills are not made for windy environments, just a heads up! After a few test rounds with the spills alone, I was ready to put them to the ultimate test… time to lite my cigar. The spill once again lit right up,  releasing that gorgeous woody essence I love so  much . Gently rotating the foot just above the flame tip of the spill, allowing the flame to gently kiss the foot of the cigar, I was able to get a pleasing low heat toast.  Half way up the spill, the cigar foot was starting to glow red while rotating past the spill flame. With a few draws on the head of the cigar, letting the flame get closer to the foot, I was in business.  I was able to pick up on the ever pleasing note of cedar right off the bat, adding to the overall experience. From the construction,  the ease of lighting,  to the ease at which you can manipulate the flame,  all of these factors make for a very gratifying experience, not to mention the enhancement of the flavors I received by allowing the cigar to stay true to its natural form and not inviting in any kind of unnatural flavors caused by butane and the likes thereof… it’s a true a pleasure. I am happy to have found this company and will not be caught again without any of these little gems handy.

To get your hand on these beautiful spills, head on over to and place your order! You will not be disappointed!

Don’t forget Cigar Reserve also has a large inventory of Rare, Limited-Edition and Vintage Sampler sets for you to choose from.


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The Smoking Jacket Magazine Review by: Sable Aradia

Let There Be a Light! (Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills)

Cigar Reserve contacted Erin quite some time ago with an invitation to review their product.  It was clear that they strongly believed in it, as they worked hard to connect us with it despite daunting shipping rates to Canada.  But I was skeptical.  Cigar spills?

I had come to the conclusion that cigar spills were, essentially, pretty but meaningless window dressing to sell cigars. Lighting a cigar with a cedar spill is supposed to be easier and make it taste better since it prevents any of the inevitable gasses of a lighter from polluting the tobacco.  I’m certain it’s also better for you in terms of risks to your health!

But practical experience had taught me to disdain the pieces of cedar that come wrapped around some cigars.  First of all, they always break into a million little splinters when you peel them off.  If you actually manage to prevent that, they don’t stay lit long enough for you to light anything but a cigarillo properly; and even saying you’ve managed that, it’s awkward to use them without burning your fingers.  Not to mention that if you use a cigar torch lighter on them they will disintegrate into ashes in a few short seconds without lighting anything.

So I failed to understand the purpose of cedar spills; but, since they’d been sent to us as a sample, I thought I would give them a fair try.

Cigar Reserve’s spills arrived in a sturdy box that was about the size and shape of a box of incense sticks.  “Light your next couple of cigars off of those,” Erin urged; and so I carted that box around in my work bag, my car and my computer bag for about a week, waiting for the right opportunity to light a stogie.  Now, do you see any damage on that box in the photo?  No, me neither.

2015-03-25 17.34.392015-03-25 17.36.002015-03-25 17.39.09

The spills themselves are fun. First, they smell of pleasant Spanish cedar.  Second,they’re shaped like little sabers, including a hook at the end of the “blade”.  I like the saber shape because it suggests the connection cigars once had with the cavalry and the nobility. They are 22 cm (out 8 and two thirds) inches in length from tip to pommel. Third, they’re amazingly tough!  They’re a good three mm thick (about the equivalent of a thick big toenail), and I managed to bend one entirely in half and it didn’t break.  As a matter of fact, it bounced out of my fingers the first time I did that!  The manufacturers obviously cut it with, rather than against, the grain.  I would say that if you stuffed one into a suit pocket for later it would survive the experience.  It might even survive the rigours of my jacket pocket, which suffers numerous indignities, including about a dozen receipts, my keys, my gloves, a pen, my portable cigar case, possibly some makeup, and my cell phone, and often all at once!

Encouraged by their durability, I tried them on three different cigars that I recently reviewed; two robustos and a toro.

I discovered that the little hook was entirely intentional, as opposed to a design quirk.  It takes a flame more easily and gives it time to get up a good burn before it reaches the narrower blade point.

I was cautious because the last thing I wanted was for what was essentially a pretty piece of kindling to whoosh into flames and burn my hand; but it didn’t.  Just like a match, you tip it up to hold and control the flame, and down to provide the flame with more fuel so that it will burn bigger and brighter.

Holding it at about a fifteen degree angle I was able to spin my stogies around and puff away merrily, facilitating – I do not exaggerate – the most pleasant and even cigar light I have ever experienced.  I am a light puffer with a small mouth and I often struggle to get a good even burn going on a full-sized cigar.  Not an issue.  And the length of the spill provides more than ample time to make sure that your cigar is well and truly lit from wrapper to fillers.  When you’re done, just put it in your ashtray and it will burn up in a few moments without making a big mess of ashes or causing any other sort of nuisance.  And it leaves the pleasant scent of burning cedar behind.

 I am also pleased to report that the assertion that it will make for a cleaner light is true.  There was no trace of off-gasses in the flavour of my cigars; indeed, I was able to enjoy the smoke in a way I don’t believe I ever had, because you can always taste some essence of lighter-gas acrid or match sulfur.  I even lit the last spill specifically with a Bic just to double-check.  And I was right; it was still a perfectly clean, unpolluted smoke!

In short, Cigar Reserve’s persistence and faith in their work has paid off, because I’m a new fan.  I like them enough that I asked Erin to order me some more because I am going to keep them around the house, and I just might stick a couple into my portable cigar case because I am certain they’d survive the experience.  I would say, with no doubt in my mind, that they have significantly improved the cigar experience for me.

2015-03-25 17.40.092015-03-25 17.40.45

Cigar Reserve does this almost exclusively, and you can get a pack of twenty-five for $12.95 USD or a pack of fifty for $19.95 USD.  They have a helpful retailer locator on this site but as of the time of the writing, there was no tobacco shop in Canada.  So Canadians, you may have to pester your local tobacconists and cigar shops, since the shipping for single boxes to Canada runs $25 (that’s the USPS due to the odd size of the package, not the company!) and it may only be worth your while to acquire them in bulk, I’m sorry to say.  So maybe you should order some of their rare, limited edition and vintage cigar samplers while you’re at it to make it worth your while.  And they do send you a free box of 25 when you order four boxes (of any size).  They offer free shipping on orders of $40 or more but I’m not sure if that applies outside of the US.

Personalized engraving on the spills is also available for an extra fee.  What a great way to promote your business, or what a fine birthday present for the cigar aficionado in your life who already has everything!

I have chosen not to rate the spills with a “star rating” because I have nothing to compare them to.  But needless to say, I recommend them. In this lady’s perspective, they make the cigar experience even better and are a good value for the money, and that’s why I’m going to keep some next to my humidor.

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Rictus Cigar Reviews by: Tony Rictus

The Skeptic VS. The Spills

I’ll be the first to admit that seeing the seemingly never ending torrent of accessories that you “can’t live without” has me a little burnt out. Don’t get me wrong, I love a new lighter or cutter style as much as the next guy! No matter what comes out I always seem to end up back with my lighter from my wife and a cutter that was sent to me by a friend. When Brian from Cigar Reserve contacted me to do a review of his company’s spills I was skeptical. I’ve used spills in the past but only sparingly and too long ago to remember how much of an impact it made. I’ll never turn down the opportunity to review something new or try something that’ll enhance my cigar smoking experience. Luckily I had my co-worker Hillman with me and he was just as curious as I was about these spills!


I would really like to point out the packaging, I really like the box itself. Very sleek and not overly ornate and busy. Noting irritates me more than something that looks like someone vomited a freaking rainbow onto it and calling it “artsy” Conveniently enough the package is complete with instructions on how to open it as well as how to properly use the spills once you manage to get one into your grubby little mitts. The guys over at Cigar Reserve even took the time to laser engrave my logo and my name on two of the four packages they sent me! This is a fantastic touch. Automatically I thought of the ability to gift them to friends or business associates. Before anyone asks, YES! There will be a giveaway of some spills and maybe a stick or two to enjoy them with.

Being shaped like a sword serves multiple purposes, not limited to ease of use and time spent speaking in a terrible Spanish accent and pretending to find the fountain of youth. Don’t ask. The flame spread evenly and gave me ample time to light not only my cigar but also Hillman’s. As advertised the spill when held vertically went out on its own.As the title states I am by my own admission a skeptic. This isn’t limited to cigar related items.

I have to admit I was impressed by the light and the flavor, or more accurately the lack of taste. Both Hillman and myself had the same reaction, it’s so clean. Over time I’ve come to expect the odd tastes that come with lighters. Not that it ever bothered me but it was accepted. There was no chemical taste or smell. The best way I can describe it was clean. I really enjoyed using the spill and I look forward to using spills to light my cigars much more frequently than before.

It’s pretty clear that the folks at Cigar Reserve care a great deal about preserving the flavor of a cigar and enhancing the smoking experience overall. Picture this, a beautiful grade A Spanish cedar log from Portugal makes a trip to North Carolina gets cut into that perfect thickness. After this they make their way off all the way across the country to Portland, OR. If this wasn’t enough to they get cut into the signature sword shape and (if you want) laser engraved with pretty neat anything you want! There’s a ton of time and effort spent in making a product that literally burns to nearly nothing in your hand.


That being said, I like the product overall. The commitment to purity shows. Head over to and take a look at all of their options and grab a box. You will notice the difference! Keep an eye on Twitter @Tony_Rictus for details on a chance to get a box of these sent your way with a couple of stick to light up in style! Details to come!

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Blind Man's Puff Review by: Aaron Loomis

Accessory Review:  Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills

Cigar Reserve has been a longtime supporter of Blind Man’s Puff as they have provided cedar spills for giveaway contests. They have provided some more boxes for giveaways and we figured it was time to put together a review of their product.

A little about the cedar spills: Cigar Reserve only uses grade “A” Spanish cedar and in a fully controlled process. They buy the Spanish cedar logs from Portugal and they are shipped to North Carolina where they are cut into a certain thickness veneer. They are then shipper to Cigar Reserve where they are cut, and in a lot of cases, laser engraved into the spill design they use today. The design is none other than a Spanish sword. The design was engineered for a controlled and perfect flame.

The cedar spills come in a box made of nice quality cardboard. The Cigar Reserve name is on one side along with a stamp stating that the contents are custom engraved. On another side is the Spanish sword design of the spills. You press in on one of the ends of the box and a try slides out that contains the spills. I pull out one of the spills and immediately see the laser engraving of the Blind Man’s Puff name and logo on the handle end of the spill. It’s always nice seeing something customized to fit your style and wants and Cigar Reserve is able to customize what you want on there as long as it doesn’t violate any copyrights or trademarks.

Accessory Review: Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills and a Giveaway Accessory Review: Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills and a Giveaway

Accessory Review: Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills and a Giveaway

One of the caveats to keep in mind when using cedar spills (the same could be said for matches and most soft flame lighters) is that they are not wind proof, so you will most often times be using them indoors or in a location that has little to no breeze. Using a soft flame from the cedar spill also takes a little bit of practice as you need to experiment with the right angle to hold the spill as well as how to hold the flame near the cigar. Cigar Reserve recommends holding the spill at a 45 degree angle when lit. To put it out, hold it upright like a candle and it will go out or put it into an ashtray and let it extinguish on its own.

An advantage of using a cedar spill, is that the soft flame is a much lower temperature than a torch flame. The reason this is important to know, is that the lower temperature makes it less likely that you will scorch the tobacco which can impart some nasty flavors. The spill gives you a little more insurance that you will get a cool light and really get to experience the correct flavors from the cigar.

The way I like to use a spill is similar to how I use a soft flame lighter or torch. I toast the foot of the cigar, trying not to touch the flame to the tobacco, until the tobacco at the foot is combusting. This process takes a little longer and usually takes an entire spill to accomplish.

Accessory Review: Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills and a Giveaway

The other method you could use, is to light the spill, hold it to the foot of the cigar while the cigar is in your mouth and puff on the cigar while rolling it to get it lit. This method is typically faster and you would be able to extinguish the spill and use the second half to light a second cigar.

When puffing on a cigar to get it lit, you may impart some flavors from your lighting method, so if you were using a butane lighter, you may get some flavors that you don’t care for. Using this method with the Cigar Reserve cedar spill imparts a slight cedar flavor which is a flavor already typically found in cigars and isn’t unpleasant, so it doesn’t upset the flavors intended by the blender.

I went through about half a box of spills as part of this review and each one had a consistent burn. I used both lighting methods I outlined above and never found that the spill overpowered the cigar flavors. Something to keep an eye out for is the ash from the spill. It is very thin and light, so the slightest breeze could get pieces floating around, so just be conscious of this when using them.

Accessory Review: Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills and a Giveaway

Accessory Review: Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills and a Giveaway

The spills can be purchased through the Cigar Reserve website, along with approximately 50 stores nationwide. A box of 25 spills retails for $12.95 and a box of 50 retails for $19.95. They offer customized engraving which adds on an additional $15. These are meant to be a personal statement, so you should make them personal to you. These also make great gifts.

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Cigar Aficionado Review by: Andrew Nagy

Cigar Toy Feature:  Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills

It used to be that if a cigar smoker enjoyed using wood spills to light up, he needed a steady supply of cedar sheets like the kind manufacturers place in cigar boxes. The idea is to tear a thin strip off the cedar sheet and use a match or lighter to spark the strip. The smoker then slowly toasts the cigar by rotating the foot of it over the orange triangle of flame that reaches up from the spill.

Compared to a torch lighter, it's a slow process. But it's the deliberate action of the spill that makes it a truly elegant method to light a premium cigar. And, for a long time, cedar sheets from cigar boxes were the only source for spills. Now the smoker who prefers lighting up with a cedar spill has not one, but two commercial products to choose from on the market. One comes from Commonwealth Cedar Spills, which we highlighted a couple years back, and the other is produced by a company called Cigar Reserve.

Cigar Reserve uses Spanish cedar grown in Portugal to create its spills. The cedar is first shipped to North Carolina where it is cut into very thin strips that resemble veneer. These strips are then sent to Portland, Oregon, where they are then shaped further into cedar spills.

The Cigar Reserve spills are nearly nine inches long, with one end resembling the handle of a rapier sword, and the other, a bent knife-tip. Compared to a spill that is torn from a cedar sheet, the Cigar Reserve spill burns slower and much more consistent, giving you ample time to toast your cigar.

Cigar Reserve sells its spills in boxes of 25 for $14.95, or in 50-count boxes that cost $19.95. For $15 more, the company will engrave a custom message on the spill, too.

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For tips on how to use cedar spills, check out Cigar and Cedar Spills.

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