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The Skeptic VS. The Spills

I’ll be the first to admit that seeing the seemingly never ending torrent of accessories that you “can’t live without” has me a little burnt out. Don’t get me wrong, I love a new lighter or cutter style as much as the next guy! No matter what comes out I always seem to end up back with my lighter from my wife and a cutter that was sent to me by a friend. When Brian from Cigar Reserve contacted me to do a review of his company’s spills I was skeptical. I’ve used spills in the past but only sparingly and too long ago to remember how much of an impact it made. I’ll never turn down the opportunity to review something new or try something that’ll enhance my cigar smoking experience. Luckily I had my co-worker Hillman with me and he was just as curious as I was about these spills!


I would really like to point out the packaging, I really like the box itself. Very sleek and not overly ornate and busy. Noting irritates me more than something that looks like someone vomited a freaking rainbow onto it and calling it “artsy” Conveniently enough the package is complete with instructions on how to open it as well as how to properly use the spills once you manage to get one into your grubby little mitts. The guys over at Cigar Reserve even took the time to laser engrave my logo and my name on two of the four packages they sent me! This is a fantastic touch. Automatically I thought of the ability to gift them to friends or business associates. Before anyone asks, YES! There will be a giveaway of some spills and maybe a stick or two to enjoy them with.

Being shaped like a sword serves multiple purposes, not limited to ease of use and time spent speaking in a terrible Spanish accent and pretending to find the fountain of youth. Don’t ask. The flame spread evenly and gave me ample time to light not only my cigar but also Hillman’s. As advertised the spill when held vertically went out on its own.As the title states I am by my own admission a skeptic. This isn’t limited to cigar related items.

I have to admit I was impressed by the light and the flavor, or more accurately the lack of taste. Both Hillman and myself had the same reaction, it’s so clean. Over time I’ve come to expect the odd tastes that come with lighters. Not that it ever bothered me but it was accepted. There was no chemical taste or smell. The best way I can describe it was clean. I really enjoyed using the spill and I look forward to using spills to light my cigars much more frequently than before.

It’s pretty clear that the folks at Cigar Reserve care a great deal about preserving the flavor of a cigar and enhancing the smoking experience overall. Picture this, a beautiful grade A Spanish cedar log from Portugal makes a trip to North Carolina gets cut into that perfect thickness. After this they make their way off all the way across the country to Portland, OR. If this wasn’t enough to they get cut into the signature sword shape and (if you want) laser engraved with pretty neat anything you want! There’s a ton of time and effort spent in making a product that literally burns to nearly nothing in your hand.


That being said, I like the product overall. The commitment to purity shows. Head over to and take a look at all of their options and grab a box. You will notice the difference! Keep an eye on Twitter @Tony_Rictus for details on a chance to get a box of these sent your way with a couple of stick to light up in style! Details to come!

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Written by Cigar Reserve — March 31, 2015

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