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Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills are made from top grade spanish cedar and are the best way to light your cigars. The shape of the spill is a spanish sword. This shape has been perfectly engineered for the perfect flame to light your cigar with.


How to use: To light your cigar with a Cigar Reserve Cedar Spill, hold the hilt of the sword and make sure the curved blade points to the ground. Then simply light the end of the spill and hold at a 45 degree angle downwards. This allows the flame to gently follow the blade of the spill and produce a beautiful flame. Once your cigar has been fully lit, blow out the flame and keep around for any relights or touch-ups.


Background of Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills: The grade A spanish cedar is bought from Portugal and shipped up to North Carolina. They then have a place cut the logs into incredibly thin veneer. Once the logs have been cut, they are shipped to Portland, Oregon where Cigar Reserve is located. They then cut out the spills and do their custom engraving.


I have really enjoyed using Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills over the past 3 months. When I received them from Brian, I couldn’t believe how amazing the spills smelled. I even sent Brian an email talking about how aromatic these spills are. I even catch myself sniffing them from time to time.

You really can taste the cedar flavor in the cigar once you light it. The aroma of the burning cedar is also heavenly. I was in a lounge using one, and a bunch of guys came up asking about the smell. Gave them a few spills to try out for themselves and they were really impressed with how great it was to light the cigar that way.


Pricing and where to buy: Anyone can order these cedar spills online on or even in over 50 stores nationwide. A box of 25 spills retails for $12.95 and a box of 50 spills retails for $19.95. Brian has a bunch of deals up all the time and you can even order some very rare cigars.       


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Written by Cigar Reserve — September 16, 2015

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