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Rating – (10) Escape Plan

This one is a new one for us, Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills sent these over for us to review and let me just say they are awesome! These are perfect for lighting your cigars with. I will be honest I was a little skeptical at first because I have been using a lighter for about 12 years and just didn’t think that lighting a cigar could get any better.

So how it all works, you light a spill and then use the spill to light your cigar, when you are good to go just hold your spill up and it goes out, you can use it to relight you cigar if needed as well.

What I really noticed when using the spills versus a lighter is that the first draw has a better cleaner taste to it. It honestly makes the draw of your cigar that much better, it also was a cooler light with the spill which made for better flavor all around.


These guys can put a logo on the spills for you or whatever you want as well. I do recommend getting them to use.

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Written by Cigar Reserve — April 22, 2015

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