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Light Your Cigars With Honor And Tradition, Cedar Spills From Cigar Reserve:

Rated:  10 out of 10

Throughout my cigar smoking past, I've used a cedar spill or two when lighting cigars, but when I saw these Spanish Cedar Spills From Cigar Reserve, I knew they deserved a review. 
Over the last week I've used these spills to light more than ten cigars and in each instance these spills worked great. Timing several burns, the average burn time was right at 75 seconds. I found 75 seconds more than an adequate amount of time to toast and light a 60 ring cigar. 
These spills burn super clean leaving behind almost no ash, the produce no flavors or toxic chemicals to taint the cigar's natural flavors and you can control the flame by adjusting the angle of the spill. The end result is a perfectly toasted and evenly lit cigar.

Handmade in the USA from Spanish cedar in the shape of a Spanish sword, what's not to like? Plus, Cigar Reserve has custom engraved spills just in time for the Super Bowl. The options available are; Super Bowl XLIX, Go Seahawks! and Go Patriots! Be sure to check them out before it's to late.

Cigar Reserve also offers custom engraving of their spills with your company name of logo. Check them out online at

Cigar Evaluations Review by: Todd Tyszka


SUMMARY: A great sword-shaped cedar spill, slightly smaller than Commonwealth cedar spills but long enough to light cigars.

I have used Cigar Reserve cedar spills for some time now and like them very much in the right environment. I perform all of my cigar evaluations outside and it is usually too windy to use a spill unless I go in an enclosure I have in the back of my house and use it there, which I have done occasionally. Every time I have used this spill, I have had enough time to completely light the foot of my cigar, and the ring gauge has varied greatly.

I would prefer to use spills over butane if I performed my evaluations inside and if you don’t mind the extra step of lighting the spill (which only takes a second) and the extra time it may take and the care to light a cigar by this method (depending on the alternative), this is an excellent accessory for you.

If you would like more information on Cigar Reserve cedar spills or want to order some from the company, check out their website at

I give this accessory an “A.” I do not factor in cost in any of my evaluations but using cedar spills does come with a cost. It is great to see a few people producing cedar spills now. You can easily take these with you and using them with help assure you that there won’t be any residual flavors from the use of butane or other method you may use.

About the Author:

Cigar Evaluations is a company that was started by Todd Tyszka in 2011. Before that, Todd was working in the wine industry for a New York wine importer tasting and evaluating wine. Todd also enjoyed occasionally smoking cigars for over 20 years, but found it surprising that there wasn’t a professional website he could go to to read about cigars with detailed professional tasting notes and reliable objective ratings. Cigar Aficionado seemed like the only option but lacked the detail and dependability Todd was looking for. The review blogs seemed to be mostly amateur cigar smokers that enjoyed a cigar with liquor, beer, soda, etc, and then tried to review and rate the cigar. Todd also had a problem with the fact that people would rate a cigar but wouldn’t tell you what exactly was behind that number, so the rating was meaningless. These subjective ratings are often based on personal preferences (e.g. flavors, strength, vitola, price, etc.) rather than objective performance criteria. They are just cigar smokers rather than professionals (e.g. Robert Parker in the wine industry) who can provide a baseline for consistent objective evaluations and ratings.

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Stogie Fresh review by: David "Doc" Diaz

Accessory Review:  Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills

SET UP AND USE: [Score: 92]
FUNCTION: [Score: 92]
VALUE: [Score: 85]

Using cedar spills to light cigars is a very old tradition. It harkens back to a time when most men smoked cigars and cigar smoking was considered acceptable and even genteel for a successful man. It also dates to a time when butane torch lighters had yet to be invented and when alternatives were such things as candles, a campfire, kerosene lanterns and other such dinosaurian methods. Using cedar spills to light your cigars, even in the age of butane torch-, or soft-flame lighters, still evokes a sense of history, nostalgia and a respect for traditions within the cigar industry.

Cigar Reserve of Lake Oswego, Oregon, is making cedar spills for the cigar enthusiast, albeit in a much higher tech form than in ages past. The theory behind the use of cedar spills is to light your cigar without introducing harsh or noxious chemicals to the flavor of the tobacco. Gases like propane, natural gas, kerosene, and lighter fluid will definitely taint your tobacco with off flavors due to the chemicals in these products. Butane, on the other hand, is a colorless, odorless liquid gas that is used in many cigar lighters these days and yet it burns incredibly hot and may singe the tobacco, if you are not careful.

The Cigar Reserve cedar spills allow you to gently toast the foot of your cigar and avoid the tendency to burn the leaves during the lighting process. I have used Cigar Reserve cedar spills and they work as advertised as long as you pay attention to some simple caveats... First, cedar spills are only partially effective when used outdoors. Even a soft breeze will make it very difficult to light your cigar with the spills. Second, you need to be patient with the spills. Start by letting them toast the foot of the cigar BEFORE you start puffing. The spills should burn for 30-45 seconds, so take your time. Finally, cedar spills are not self-lighting, therefore you must also have a fire source to get the spill started.

Without a doubt, it is kind of cool to light your cigars with spills, like those from Cigar Reserve. The soft flame and the slow light gives you a chance to appreciate the fine craftsmanship in your cigar and will move you unhurriedly into the smoking experience.

Cigar Reserve Cedar SpillsCigar Reserve Cedar SpillsLighting a cigar with cedar spill

One of the downsides for me in using cedar spills is that I smoke outside almost exclusively and the spills are not the best choice if there is even the hint of a breeze. Nevertheless, I have hosted cigar parties and have always made cedar spills available to my guests to let them experience the time-honored method of lighting a cigar.

Another downside is cost. At $14.95 for a box of 25, that's .60 per spill, which ain't cheap. Of course, there are perks for purchasing more. You can get a box of 50 for $19.95, which works out to .40 per spill. Nevertheless, spills are a consumable and therefore should be accessibly priced so that they can be used on a regular basis.

For more information about Cigar Reserve cedar spills... Email:

About the Author:

David "Doc" Diaz is the publisher and the editor of the Stogie Fresh Cigar Publications. He has served as an educator, researcher and writer and has taught in the Health Education and Health Science field for over 30 years. He possesses an earned doctorate from Nova Southeastern University. Doc is a Certified Master Tobacconist (CMT), having received this certification from the Tobacconist University and is a member and Ambassador of Cigar Rights of America (CRA).


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Your Cigar Consultant Write-Up

Cigar Reserve Spills

Your Cigar Consultant ( has recently partnered with Cigar Reserve ( distribute cedar spills to your local cigar shop. Enjoy the age old tradition of using a cedar spill to taste your tobacco the way nature intended.

Their hand-made Spanish Cedar Spills are designed to burn evenly allowing you to properly toast your tobacco while not torching or contaminating it with sulfur, butane, and other harmful products.

Cedar Reserve uses only hand-selected Spanish Cedar because of it’s low-resin and natural aromatics. Please contact Your Cigar Consultant to introduce them to your favorite cigar shop or lounge.


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SmokeShop Magazine write-up


Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills for Sophisticated, Natural Lighting


Take your cigar establishment to the next level by offering your customers the best cigar smoking experience possible. Tobacco absorbs any aroma or fragrance that it comes in contact with, but Spanish cedar wood enhances of tobacco. Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills allow the true flavors of fine cigars to shine through the traditional way, without introducing flavor-changing chemicals, such as butane and sulfur, which contaminate cigars when using most lighters or matches. Made in the U.S.A., these spills have been engineered for a controllable flame, allowing users to toast their cigar with precision and create an even burn, while the classy and sophisticated Spanish sword design enhances the lighting ritual. Only the highest grade Spanish cedar is used in making Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills. This specialty item is ideal for tobacco retailers, lounges or manufacturers. Suggested retail price is $14.95 for boxes of 25, or $19.95 for boxes of 50. Custom laser engraving, perfect for business or brand names, is also available.


Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills, Lake Oswego, Ore., Tel: (503) 522-4915, Email:, Web:


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Cigar Vita Review

Cigar Vita is a well-renowned review site in our cigar industry.  They had some great things to say about our spills and a must read at:

Or...Read Below:


The Cigar Reserve Cedar spill is simply the best way to light your fine premium cigars. This cedar spill is unlike any other cedar spill in the market place. Cigar Reserve has gone all out on creating the perfect product for an elegant cigar lighting experience. These cedar spills are made out of the highest grade of cedar available. Most cedar spill makers stop there. Not Cigar Reserve. Not only do they use the highest quality cedar available, but they take it a step further with creating a very elegant sword shaped design. The packaging is very pleasing to the eye as well. There was no shorts taken on this product whatsoever. Not to mention is was awarded the most innovative product at the 2013 ICPCR Trade Show!
There are many reason why to choose a Cigar Reserve cedar spill. Not only for an elegant lighting experience, but for experiencing the true flavors of the tobacco in your cigar. When tobacco is lit with butane lighters or matches, it will hinder the taste by leaving an unnatural bitterness or tangy taste. This is why most want to spit after immediately lighting up. Additionally, the cigar is now ruined. It has just been infused with natural gas or sulfur. Another common problem is scorching the tobacco by using torch lighters that disrupt the true flavors of the tobacco by burning or charring, leaving a hot and sour taste to your tobacco. The best way for a true smoking experience is a cedar spill. 
Personally, smoking fine cigars is an experience. From buying them, to storing them, to lighting and smoking. With Cigar Reserve cedar spills, they extend the smoking experience with the development of a great lighting accessory. Using a cedar spill makes you slow down and take your time lighting your fine cigar. I'm a firm believer in enjoying every second of the whole cigar experience, and this product multiplies that experience ten fold. 
I have been using the Cigar Reserve cedar spill for a few days now. Let me tell you, they work like a charm. The wide soft flame that the unique sword design offers is simple and once again, elegant. The flame starts off rather skinny, giving you great control for toasting the foot of any cigar. As the flame burns up the spill the flame gets larger for lighting the core of the cigar. These spills are perfect in length, giving you an extended amount of time to fully light the cigar. 
Overall this product is a must have for lighting your fine cigars. If you want to enjoy the complete experience of smoking fine cigars then using a Cigar Reserve cedar spill is a no brainer. From the packaging to lighting one up, this product screams luxury and elegance. Pick one up for yourself and pick another up as a gift for a fellow cigar smoker who enjoys the fine experience as well. You will not be disappointed in anyway.
Go check out their website.

Torano cigar review - Saved by Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills

Three New Cigars from the Torano Family and Saved by a Cigar Reserve Cedar Spill

By Dr. Mitch Fadem, El Medico del Cigarro

Contributing Writer – About.Com

I am continuing my adventure through the cigars of the 2013 ICPCR. One of the booths on my list of must visit were those of the Torano Cigar Family. They are of course legends in the industry. Jack Torano gave me three of their new blends, the Exodus 2013, Vault and Selecta Reserva. I will review them in order.

Exodus 1959 the 2013 Edition – 4 Stars

I always like to take a new cigar, put it right up to my nose and inhale the aroma of the pre-lit tobacco. This one is very ‘old world’ and reminiscent of Cuban cigars circa 1950. The cigar is surprisingly soft to the touch with a lot of give. The draw is one of the lightest of any cigar I have smoked and also one of fastest lighting. I barely touched the foot to the flame and with one puff the cigar was lit. I usually let my cigars sit for 30 to 60 seconds before I begin smoking so as not to draw in any possible bitterness that might come from the initial burning of the tobacco. This cigar did not have any of that, it was good right from the first puff. The cigar is smooth with an earthy flavor and the aroma light and mild and chestnut-like. Then, this nice smoking cigar did something you don’t see very often. One side just would not burn. There are many reasons for this but I will save my explanation for another article. I will say that some of it has to do with climate changes as the cigars journey thousands of miles to land in your humidor. I am pleased to say that in this case, it really did not affect on the enjoyment is this cigars. I always leave the ash fall off by itself but this ash has some help staying attached to the cigar because the binder and wrapper on one side were not burning at all. Finally, after I smoked half the cigar I used my lighter to burn off the rest of the non-burning tobacco and the ash still held on. Despite the uneven burn problems the cigar smoked well and I would definitely say it is a good cigar.

Tornao Vault (new blend for 2013) – 4 Stars

The pre-light aroma on this cigar was excellent and quite a mixture. I picked up aged wine barrels, scotch and bourbon. There was a little give in this cigar and the draw was effortless, much better even than the Exodus. Lighting was easy and instantly the flavors came through as floral, sweet with a hint of spice and very creamy and smooth. As in the Exodus this cigar had uneven burn problems. The wrapper and binder nearly completely separated from the filler, similarly on one side. I kept smoking it because it was just that good of cigar and after all, we buy cigars to smoke them, not look at them. The ash also held on to the middle of the cigar with the help of the non-burning outer leaves. And again, regardless of these uneven burn problems it was one of the better cigars that I have smoked recently.

Selecta Reserve (new blend for 2013) – 3 Stars

I tried something different when lighting this cigar, I used a cedar spill supplied to me by Cigar Reserve. I was hoping that the series of uneven burns experiences might have been a lighting issue. This cigar was much firmer than the other two and the draw much more restrictive. It was however still adequate enough to for a non-labored smoke. The flavors on this cigar are not my favorites; leathery, acidic and bitterness. On the other hand the aroma was excellent. It was an interesting combination of chocolate, coffee and cinnamon. The leather taste faded a bit but the bitterness did not and totally dried out the sides and back of my tongue. Just like the other two cigars this one had uneven burn issues and the binder and wrapper did the same routine as before of not burning on one side. I just stopped smoking it around the mid-point.

Final Words

With all the burn problems of these cigars I still believe they good and have great potential. My favorite was the Vault. Right now, until I can smoke several more of these cigars I am not going to blame the uneven burn on the cigar. New Mexico is dry and even with all the rain we are having right now the humidity still was only around 35%. I am fairly certain these cigars will smoke much better is a wetter climate and in my opinion will end up being some of the best you can smoke at the price point which they are being offered at.

Recap of 2013 IPCPR Trade Show

Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada (July 14 to 17)


Other New and Innovative Ideas

I have written a few articles about high altitude lighters and this year there is something new on both ends of the pricing spectrum. First with prices that everyone one can afford the Vector KMG company has nearly all of their lighters with altitude ratings published in their catalog. One that caught my eye is the Urbano priced at $29.95 with a triple jet, an integral cigar punch and an altitude rating of 20,000 feet. The top end of the spectrum you will not be surprised to find Dupont. Their new lighter is the Defi Extreme. It is not just the highest altitude rating in the industry it is also one that will work in extreme weather condition from temperatures near zero to close to 120F. It is not just a sign of elegance and prestige but it is extremely functional (okay, I think I used the word extreme enough for one paragraph). Another innovation that caught my eye were the sword shaped cedar spills from the Cigar Reserve. Yes, an old nostalgic idea but with a new shape and, you can have your company logo on it. I have already tried it and it of course works well, and, you can use twice. I lit one cigar, and after it was lit I blew out the spill, put in back in the box and took it out the next day to light another.

Final Thoughts

I know that I have a lot of smoking and writing to do over the next couple of months but I do have a couple of favorite picks of the show.

Best Cigar – Marco V Cigars New Box Press

Best Innovation – Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills

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Cigar Reserve website launch

New site is up and running. Learn all you need to know about the product and order today. Customize your own cedar spill to have your name on it. 

Smoke naturally, smoke clean, Cigar Reserve