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The Cigar Reserve Cedar spill is simply the best way to light your fine premium cigars. This cedar spill is unlike any other cedar spill in the market place. Cigar Reserve has gone all out on creating the perfect product for an elegant cigar lighting experience. These cedar spills are made out of the highest grade of cedar available. Most cedar spill makers stop there. Not Cigar Reserve. Not only do they use the highest quality cedar available, but they take it a step further with creating a very elegant sword shaped design. The packaging is very pleasing to the eye as well. There was no shorts taken on this product whatsoever. Not to mention is was awarded the most innovative product at the 2013 ICPCR Trade Show!
There are many reason why to choose a Cigar Reserve cedar spill. Not only for an elegant lighting experience, but for experiencing the true flavors of the tobacco in your cigar. When tobacco is lit with butane lighters or matches, it will hinder the taste by leaving an unnatural bitterness or tangy taste. This is why most want to spit after immediately lighting up. Additionally, the cigar is now ruined. It has just been infused with natural gas or sulfur. Another common problem is scorching the tobacco by using torch lighters that disrupt the true flavors of the tobacco by burning or charring, leaving a hot and sour taste to your tobacco. The best way for a true smoking experience is a cedar spill. 
Personally, smoking fine cigars is an experience. From buying them, to storing them, to lighting and smoking. With Cigar Reserve cedar spills, they extend the smoking experience with the development of a great lighting accessory. Using a cedar spill makes you slow down and take your time lighting your fine cigar. I'm a firm believer in enjoying every second of the whole cigar experience, and this product multiplies that experience ten fold. 
I have been using the Cigar Reserve cedar spill for a few days now. Let me tell you, they work like a charm. The wide soft flame that the unique sword design offers is simple and once again, elegant. The flame starts off rather skinny, giving you great control for toasting the foot of any cigar. As the flame burns up the spill the flame gets larger for lighting the core of the cigar. These spills are perfect in length, giving you an extended amount of time to fully light the cigar. 
Overall this product is a must have for lighting your fine cigars. If you want to enjoy the complete experience of smoking fine cigars then using a Cigar Reserve cedar spill is a no brainer. From the packaging to lighting one up, this product screams luxury and elegance. Pick one up for yourself and pick another up as a gift for a fellow cigar smoker who enjoys the fine experience as well. You will not be disappointed in anyway.
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Written by Cigar Reserve — September 25, 2013

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