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Light Your Cigars With Honor And Tradition, Cedar Spills From Cigar Reserve:

Rated:  10 out of 10

Throughout my cigar smoking past, I've used a cedar spill or two when lighting cigars, but when I saw these Spanish Cedar Spills From Cigar Reserve, I knew they deserved a review. 
Over the last week I've used these spills to light more than ten cigars and in each instance these spills worked great. Timing several burns, the average burn time was right at 75 seconds. I found 75 seconds more than an adequate amount of time to toast and light a 60 ring cigar. 
These spills burn super clean leaving behind almost no ash, the produce no flavors or toxic chemicals to taint the cigar's natural flavors and you can control the flame by adjusting the angle of the spill. The end result is a perfectly toasted and evenly lit cigar.

Handmade in the USA from Spanish cedar in the shape of a Spanish sword, what's not to like? Plus, Cigar Reserve has custom engraved spills just in time for the Super Bowl. The options available are; Super Bowl XLIX, Go Seahawks! and Go Patriots! Be sure to check them out before it's to late.

Cigar Reserve also offers custom engraving of their spills with your company name of logo. Check them out online at

Written by Cigar Reserve — February 08, 2015

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