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Other New and Innovative Ideas

I have written a few articles about high altitude lighters and this year there is something new on both ends of the pricing spectrum. First with prices that everyone one can afford the Vector KMG company has nearly all of their lighters with altitude ratings published in their catalog. One that caught my eye is the Urbano priced at $29.95 with a triple jet, an integral cigar punch and an altitude rating of 20,000 feet. The top end of the spectrum you will not be surprised to find Dupont. Their new lighter is the Defi Extreme. It is not just the highest altitude rating in the industry it is also one that will work in extreme weather condition from temperatures near zero to close to 120F. It is not just a sign of elegance and prestige but it is extremely functional (okay, I think I used the word extreme enough for one paragraph). Another innovation that caught my eye were the sword shaped cedar spills from the Cigar Reserve. Yes, an old nostalgic idea but with a new shape and, you can have your company logo on it. I have already tried it and it of course works well, and, you can use twice. I lit one cigar, and after it was lit I blew out the spill, put in back in the box and took it out the next day to light another.

Final Thoughts

I know that I have a lot of smoking and writing to do over the next couple of months but I do have a couple of favorite picks of the show.

Best Cigar – Marco V Cigars New Box Press

Best Innovation – Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills

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Written by Cigar Reserve — August 01, 2013

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