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Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic 1979 - Box of 20

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Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic 1979 -  Box of 20 Cigars

Consistently on back order...Don 'Pepin' Garcia is currently making some of the world's finest cigars. More often than not, the name Tatuaje comes to mind immediately upon hearing his name. This is just one of his masterpieces which are known to rival the flavor, character and experience of your finest Cuban cigars.

Ready yourself for the strongest blend from 'Don Pepin' Garcia to date. The Black label is as inviting as it is delicious. Coated with a caramel-colored Corojo wrapper, this eventful blend of Cuban-seed tobaccos hails from the black, fertile soils of Nicaragua. The result is a full-tilt array of flavor swirling throughout your palate with undeniable hints of earth, toasted cedar and black pepper. The aftertaste and aroma are sweet and pleasant, completing an interesting experience that will leave you satisfied every time.

Rated '92', the Cuban Classic blend - otherwise known as 'Black' - from Don Pepin Garcia has been named one of the Top 25 Cigars in the world.

Size:  5 x 50  ;  Strength:  Full  ;  Shape:  Robusto  ;  Origin:  Nicaraguan