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Tatuaje Reserva Limited Perfecto RC 184 - Box of 10

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Tatuaje Reserva Limited Perfecto RC 184  - Box of 10 Cigars
*Hard to Find Cigar*

The Tatuaje Miami RC184 is a unique salomon perfecto and is actually a limited production cigar for Tatuaje. The RC184 is considered to be one of Pete Johnson’s private blends and is created at the My Father Cigar factory.

Tatuaje hit it out of the park with the RC line (RC stands for Retro Cuban). After removing the cellophane and the additional aluminum wrapping (a technique used to protect the integrity of the cigar while also preserving the essential oils found within the wrapper) a subtle hint of mocha mixed with sweet black cherry will fill your senses pre-light. The Nicaraguan binder and filler, and oily habano wrapper, all packaged perfecto style, will not only provide a great burn, but emit a complexity of flavors and spice that creates what is truly a well balanced cigar.

Medium to full-body, the RC184 will deliver a complex flavor profile with notes of cedar, cocoa, leather and a delicious spice.

Box Date: 2019
Rarity Level:  9/10

Size: 7 1/4 x 57  ;  Strength: Mild-Medium  ;  Shape: Perfecto  ;  Origin: Nica. & U.S.